5 reasons why DIYgogo can help you

3ef5a May 17, 2019 No Comments

Doing some home building, or running a construction business? 5 reasons why DIYgogo can help you. Do you sometimes find yourself looking inside a skip and thinking to yourself, what a shame to throw it away, or find yourself holding a sizeable offcut which could be of use to someone else, if only there was an easy way of passing it on? Well that’s what DIYgogo does – it enables users to pass on any unwanted materials with the speed and simplicity of a website. So what are the main benefits? 1. DIYgogo is a free service. We don’t charge for you to use the website, and there are no hidden fees, percentages, subscription charges etc… We cover our overheads from donations made by our users via our webpage. A fiver from a user isn’t a huge cost if they gets a free bath! This goes towards things like website […]

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What can you do with your recycled building materials?

3ef5a May 10, 2019 No Comments

I’ve been doing some thinking, and it occurred to me that there’s a whole wealth of thoughts and ideas surrounding us here at DIYgogo. Perhaps this is one of the more obvious ones: Once you’ve got your recycled building materials, what can you do with them? Of course, you can use them for what they are designed to be used for; a mirror makes a great mirror, and a door makes a great door – at least most of the time, and I will certainly touch on the more usual use of certain items and materials. But what about other ideas and uses for recycling building materials? There is almost always another way to use them, which inevitably leads to a result that is a little different and original, both in appearance and functionality – using railway sleepers to construct a raised bed, often for growing fruit and veg is […]

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